Appreciate Now

Writing a blog is a great way to gain intellectual and therapeutic reconciliation. Identifying an issue, contemplating, and then articulating it is a healthy process which more often than not helps to exorcise the niggles. An author may go through several drafts before a suitable whinge is selected and given the treatment. This blog, for instance, was almost about the foibles of buying a new bra. It could just as easily have been about not being listened to, living out of a washing basket, or the never ending frustrations of getting out of the house with three boys in tow. But each time an issue was isolated and the contemplation commenced, something would happen to curb the progress.
Initially I blamed time. Being “back in the world” of regular daytime employment, it is easy to feel like you have disappeared. What little time you have to yourself is inevitably crammed with personal comforts – going to the gym, reading the newspaper, taking a bath, sleeping. There are categorically not enough hours in the day.
So time is a friendly alibi. But there is something else at play: I simply don’t have much to say. And that’s a good thing.
It means I have nothing to complain about. Nothing that needs dealing with. Nothing that is particularly bothering me to the point of needing to get it out. There isn’t anything that seems worth the effort, and with this comes the happy fact: Life is Good.
It has become a cliche to say “appreciate what you have”. So often it seems, it takes people to death’s door before they achieve that clarity. The awakening that occurs on the cusp of loss. Are we so hurried, so blinkered, so self absorbed to not see the detail? To stop and see not only the wood but the texture of the bark?
It may take a wading through mental fog. It may take help to see the path. But to strive to seek clarity, to truly see what you have and appreciate it, is an effort worth endeavouring.


One Response to “Appreciate Now”

  1. heartchoiceenterprises1 Says:

    Great message here Anna – and so beautifully told, I feel comforted by those 3 words “life is good” – thanks ❤

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