Can you feel it?

I don’t know about you, but I have the distinct feeling that we are on the cusp of something. Something really big. You. Me. All of us. We are in – right now! – an incredibly significant period in human history.  

Thinkers, writers, journalists, artists, and news makers would all know this, attuned as they are to the social barometers and human events that determine the zeitgeist of the day. It is not hard to see – it’s there online, on tv, on the pages of the newspapers. It’s in the changing way we work, how we choose our priorities, the speed of things, the squeeze of things. The crunch and press of the planet telling us to slow down. We are wasting too much. Wasting what we can no longer replace. Chewing through things and spitting them out while others live in dust.

The waste!

Blinkering ourselves to what’s real. Moving further and further away from it. Everything is plastic – things, thoughts, motives, transactions, governance, relations. A mannequin world where comfort and convenience rules and the earthy, human real is a novel throw-back. A retro curiosity.

We are becoming devoid of heart.

I fear the mark of this time is of a dying patient we are fearful to look at lest we recognise the contagion – it came from us. And now, gangrenous and mortal it desperately reaches out seeking a cure. The time we are in is a tipping point. A catastrophic junction. I don’t think I am imagining it. Neither the sunniest autumn day nor the richest evening sunset can disguise it. The laughs and joys of family only make it more pronounced. We are at a point in history where to stay blinkered and do nothing would make us complicit in a patient’s death.

We can start to make choices – simple ones at first – that can leave a mark. It is ok to start small – momentum begins with a slow roll. I want to get the heart beating again. I just hope there’s time.


One Response to “Can you feel it?”

  1. Clare Bradley Says:

    Dunno if we’re on the cusp of anything in particular, but pretty sure this post needs a thumbs-up at least. Thumbs up! ❤ X

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